How to Use the Paint Color of the Year – Aegean Teal – to Create a Pop of Color to Your Home Décor

How to Use the Paint Color of the Year – Aegean Teal – to Create a Pop of Color to Your Home Décor

How to Use the Paint Color of the Year – Aegean Teal – to Create a Pop of Color to Your Home Décor 1080 811 Chris & Dick's | an ILG Company

If you pay attention to home décor trends, you may have already heard of Aegean Teal, Benjamin Moore’s Paint Color of the Year for 2021.

If you aren’t yet familiar with this hue, Aegean Teal is a blend of blue-green with a touch of gray, reminiscent of ocean water. The shade is both soothing and cooling – great for fashioning a calming ambiance at home, where most of us spent a lot of time working and playing in 2020.

What’s also great about Aegean Teal and other similar tones is that they can subtly add a delightful pop of color to your home décor. This means that rather than completely repainting a room, you can apply this color in strategic places, investing minimal time, money, effort, and risk to create a refreshing new look. And doesn’t that sound like the perfect start to 2021?

Here at Chris & Dick’s, our designers are always up to speed on the latest home decorating trends. Since we have deep expertise in advising our customers on how to achieve the perfect look in their kitchens and bathrooms using our cabinets and countertops, we have assembled the following tips on how to achieve a home refresh using a pop of this hot new color for 2021.

1. Find neutral areas that could use some brightening up.

If your kitchen cabinets are white, the floor is sandy brown, and the walls are cream, painting the backsplash or underside of an island Aegean Teal can really add some zing. As the light hits the room, eyes will be drawn to this relaxing color, which will make everyone who sees it feel comforted and calm.

The color will also make white cabinets and other neutrals appear to be even brighter, and the blue-green will accentuate any contrasting browns in the room, such as the flooring.

All it takes is a quick coat of paint and you’re in business. Pretty easy, right?

2. Incorporate a colored cabinet or a two-toned cabinet look

Add eye appeal to your cabinets via a pop of Aegean Teal using a multi-toned color palette.

You can achieve this effect by incorporating colored cabinets such as an Aegean Teal cabinet or by using two different tones for each cabinet: Aegean Teal and a neutral shade.

Try incorporating the color of the year in your next cabinet choice as pop of color cabinets have been increasingly popular in both kitchen and bathroom redesigns over the last several years.

Using this multi-hued approach can also draw attention exactly where you want it to play up the room’s best features.

3. Create an accent wall in a room that doesn’t get much light.

Accent walls are a simple way to refresh a room quickly and easily. Adding a wall of soft blue-green paint to a darker room can amp up the interest level of your home décor and gives it a whole new “light,” so to speak.

Choose a wall that’s immediately visible from the entrance to the room, and if that wall gets the most light in the room, all the better.

This concept works well with wall columns between windows as well as full walls to really make a room sing.

4. Change up your room accessories.

Paint isn’t the only way to use color. Pops of contrasting hues work great with light fixtures and switches, rugs and tablecloths, vases, bowls, and just about any other room accessory imaginable.

While you may not wish to convert all of your accessories to a blue-green hue, try just one or two at a time to assess the overall effect of this change on the room. You can always add more for greater impact.

Using 2021’s paint color of the year is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your living spaces. By brightening up neutral tones, creating accent walls, utilizing a painted cabinet in a new shade or two-toned cabinets, or changing up your room accessories with soft blue-green, you can easily keep up with decorating trends and infuse your home with fresh possibility.